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2020 Halloween Haunted Trail

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Once again Silver Raven Studios decided to put creative energy and a lot of labor into celebrating Halloween. I sponsored and built the Horn Harbor Haunt. In this crazy year of Covid-19, it has been challenging to create fun events which also incorporate safe social distancing. Last year, Flights of Fire put on a fire show at the Horn Harbor Restaurant Halloween Party. This year, the indoor party was cancelled, but I was still hoping to fire dance on Halloween so I came up with the idea of building and dancing at at "Toxic Waste Dump" in the former campground which is part of the restaurant property. Then the crazy artist in me latched onto the idea of creating an entire haunted trail the local community could enjoy. Most trick-or-treating events for families were cancelled this year due to concerns with the Virus. Despite a tough year all around, the owners of Horn Harbor agreed to host the Halloween Haunt as long as it wasn't a big expense for the restaurant. Honestly, designing and building our Haunt was an insanely big job, but also a great distraction and a way to focus on positive happy things while the world is feeling kind of grim.

Adjacent to the Restaurant parking lot is an unused campground. With all that space at my disposal, I decided to build a Skeleton Pirate scene, a Cemetery, a Haunted Farm, Scary Spider Webs and a Spooky Trailer Park setup along with the Toxic Waste Dump for the fire dancers. Luckily, I rent a satellite studio space where I could build and store all the props we needed. I also had friends volunteer to help with painting signs, donating and building props, and especially with the installing everything the final week. The owners of Horn Harbor also bought six life-sized, posable skeletons which I was able to dress up with old costumes and thrift store finds. Most of the scenes were created using recycled materials, handmade props and even retouched dollar store decorations.

Flights of Fire brought in guest performers including Solveig Mortensen and April and Sean Gomez of April's Twisted Entertainment. We had black lights and dressed as day glow Toxic Waste Dump workers in costumes designed and decorated by Silver Raven Studios..

You can see more photos of the entire Halloween Haunt created by Brenda Sylvia on Silver Raven Studio's page here.

And below are some fun photos of the craziness of the creation of the props and the building of the trail.

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