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Fence Art

After I moved into my condo, I realized the fencing around my patio did not afford me much privacy.

One day on an airplane i had an idea which I sketched onto a napkin. It translated into this sketch:

Which ultimately led to this project. I experimented with different media including mosaic and using found objects. I am very pleased with the result. It an extra challenge to work with the the extreme vertical composition of each piece.

This works have held up remarkably well exposed to the elements. They hung in a Mango Tango show and also had the honor of decorating the walls of the MTV Real World house on Hassel Island when the TV show filmed a season on St Thomas.

The sea glass jelly fish were my first ever mosaic.

And of course I miss my crows and ravens. They normally are not found in the Virgin Islands, but thanks to some paint I have them with me in my yard.

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