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The Raven Burns 2006

Sometimes I get a chance to create something a bit different from my usual paintings and sculptures. Back in 2006, I won an art grant to create a large sculpture for the Playa de Fuego Regional Burning Man Festival in Deleware. The piece was designed to burn on Saturday evening durning the event. Most of the work was done by me and volunteers on-site at out Art Camp called Maison de Muse. The lighting of the sculpture was done by friend friend Kaihea who was at the beginning of her long and ultimately terminal battle against cancer. The Raven was created using chicken wire and with strips of dyed cotton fabric woven into it. It was only the second large scale work I had ever attemped and both were designed to be burned when they were completed. I was very pleased the visual effects created by this burn. It was a liberating experiencce to put so much time and effort into an artwork that was created to be destroyed. Sometimes we are a bit to "precious" about our creations.

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