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New Year, New Trail
The Live Oak


by Brenda M Sylvia 

I am energized by the dynamic beauty of nature. Being outside whenever possible is an important part of my artwork and my life. My paintings are about the connection I have to a specific place, whether it is here by the Chesapeake Bay or in my former home in the US Virgin Islands. My obsession with color was magnified by the nine years I spent living in the tropics.  Please take a look around and spend some time seeing the world through my eyes.

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I am passionate about the beauty of nature. It feeds my soul. The act of painting outside and experiencing nature firsthand is an integral part of my work and whenever possible I begin my paintings on location. Through painting en plein air, I strengthen my connection to a specific place. Through my paintings, I encourage people to feel their own connection to these places. In 2008, I left Virginia to live in the Virgin Islands for nine years. 

I returned to Virginia and  in my  studio in Reedville, I am again surrounded by inspiring landscapes. I paint scenes from the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and the nearby rural farming communities, often combining subjects and enhancing the color to express my personal vision. I love to travel and you will find those paintings here too,  I am always pushing to further discover my creative voice and loudly expressing it with paint.

Winter Walk
my life in yellow



Because my art is so closely linked to nature, my subject matter of choice is landscape. These days, most of my landscapes are painted with Acrylics.  I often use more than 40 different colors on my palette, even though I seldom apply any pure pigments to my canvas. I am an intuitive color mixer and I love expressive brushwork. My goal is to capture how I respond to my subject and share those feelings with you.


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