The Birth of Three Paintings

July 13, 2016

 When working on a painting in acrylic or oils, I often start with a colored ground.  I find it much easier to work on then a white canvas.  I also enjoy the energy created by the interaction between the colors in the background and the newly applied brushstrokes.  At times I add areas of the base color back onto the painting. I use a direct method of painting, but sometimes there are areas which are glazed in the final stages.  I draw with paint directly onto the canvas, applying colors without an under-painting. 










 Red Royalty, Acrylic on Canvas, 2014, 24x36 inches


This landscape was painted on a red ground.  





 Tutu Bay View - Acrylic on Canvas - 24x36 inches - 2016


 This was actually the first of the Caribbean Colour Carnival Dancer Series.  Unlike Red Royalty which was based on photos I had taken of one particular dancer and done later. This painting was a compilation of photos I had taken of two different dancers.  I blended not only their faces, but also their costumes.  







Caribbean Queen - Too Blue for You, Acrylic, 24x36 inches, 2013

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